Flip Gordon Reveals How He Developed His Conspiracy Theory Gimmick

Flip Gordon Reveals How He Developed His Conspiracy Theory Gimmick

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Bruno Silveira

Flip Gordon reveals how he came up with his controversial gimmick.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Flip Gordon took his character in Ring of Honor to the next level when he began focusing on conspiracy theories such as “flat earth” and “no mask.” Gordon explained how he developed this character during a recent appearance on The 3 Count.

“So ‘The Unreal’ was kind of like a spin off of my mercenary character that I was doing back in Ring of Honor,” Gordon said. “Towards the tail end of Ring of Honor, I was doing this conspiracy gimmick because I was a heel. I never really watched movies or TV shows or read books growing up. The only thing I was really into was professional wrestling. That was really my only source of entertainment. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started getting into conspiracy theories as a way to let my mind explore. ‘What if this is happened? What if that’s happening?’ I started going down some of these rabbit holes and I was like, ‘I can throw this into my gimmick. I’m a heel, so I can amp up this a little more.’”

Gordon went on to describe how the “flat earth” pitch actually came from a legendary luchador during a trip to Mexico. From there, Gordon pitched it to The Young Bucks for Being The Elite.

“I remember, I was down in Mexico with Juventud Guerrera, and he pitched the whole flat earth thing to me,” Gordon said. “I was like, ‘That is ridiculous, but I like it.’ I came back the following week, and we even put it on BTE. I told the Bucks, ‘Let’s do this flat earth thing.’ They laughed and enjoyed it, and we tied it into that. Then I did the whole milk first, and I was like, ‘Man, conspiracies is a way to get on people’s nerves,’ and I started coming up with the wackiest theories like wild fires having borders and not entering into Canada or Mexico.

“Obviously, when COVID hit, I was really on the whole ‘no mask’ thing because people would freak out about it. ‘A mask isn’t going to work.’ Meanwhile, I was the first person to wear a mask. When COVID first hit, I did a bit in the airport with a gas mask. People just had this narrative about me and I kept going with it. For me, that’s where I got my entertainment from. Taking something I enjoy outside of wrestling and bringing it into wrestling. To me, that was conspiracy theories.”

Gordon noted that he enjoys listening to Chris Jericho’s podcast because the former world champion likes to discuss conspiracy theories. Ultimately, Gordon enjoys hearing theories on various topics and finds it thrilling because he doesn’t have an imagination like that.

In recent months, Gordon has competed for NWA, CYN, AAA and GCW among other promotions.

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